Friday, 7 October 2011

we win!!!!!

ingat tak video ecupcookies raya???ala yang kiteorang upload kat youtube 2,,,ingattt?????,,nak kasi taw yang kami menang,,err,,tapi tempat ke 2,,alhamdulillah,,guys,,you did a good job,,!!congrats!!,,(senyum sampai ke telinga),,and hasil dari kemenangan 2,,kami dapat hadiah taw,,,dapat RM30,,alhamdulillah,,tq miz norulhuda tajuddin,,,,,sangat2  berterima kasiah coz banyak tolong untuk edit movie maker,,,luv u miz,,:)

okey..kat bawah ney pic kami snap after dapat adiah,,,n pic ney last class It for this sem,,sedey,,T_T..

korang ade???xdek,,hahha

limited edition 2,,UITM,,hehhe

Friday, 26 August 2011


Kad Raya Pictures, Images and Photos

ecupcookies raya oh raya....

assalamualaikum,,ok before we celebrate hari raya miz huda ask us to make a video about hari raya...a lot of fun we get during making this video,,so enjoy our video and leave your comment,,

Sunday, 24 July 2011

another cupcakes blog

Miss Huda have asked us to find blog that related with our blog,,so,,for the first blog is..

the advantages of this blog are they provided a detail information in their blog about their place,phone no and so it will make customers more easier to make an order or something else.,this blog also open a class for those who want learn more about cupcakes.besides that,,littlegemz blog have sell a various type of cupcakes,,
 the disadvantages of this blog is,, i think there is no disadvantages from this blog,,,

for the second blog is,,i have choose this blog,,

the advantages of this blog are they give an information and tips for those who want start the cupcakes business. besides that they also give an  job opportunity  to the students and for those who are interested.

the disadvantages is,,this blog have put a recipes on how to make a cupcakes. in my opinion it is a bad idea because i think  recipes is a our biggest secret in order to make successful  business,,

Friday, 22 July 2011

another blog

...ok the another blog is WEEN cup cakes. what i like about the blog is, they can deliver the cup cakes to the customers. but of course the customers as well have to pay for the service c:

i'll also surprise because the owner maybe stay near at my home resident. Due to the blog says, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn which they can deliver without pay. hehe... if I order, then can deliver to my house for free! compare with Mc'Donalds also charge RM3 if i'm not mistaken for the service charge. huhu... ;p

Thursday, 21 July 2011

hey whose blog is this...?

okey, this blog also sell cup cakes too. the advantage of
this cup cakes it have many design! such as for wedding :

for corporate events:

for babies:

what make it interesting is their cute design. and also easily for the customer to order because they have their own order form. but what make it hard, is they have no delivery service. for those customer that order, have to go to their shop by their own.